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Video Testimonial: Streamlined, Low-Maintenance Grantmaking with Meyer Memorial Trust

11 Apr 2017


We're always excited to partner with local companies in Portland. It's even better when the companies we work with are actively working to improve our home state. We partnered with Meyer Memorial Trust, a Portland-based philanthropic foundation, back in 2012. Since then, we've iterated their grant management system to allow quicker and more efficient grant application and decision-making for both applicants and their internal team.

At the beginning of our partnership, Meyer Memorial's custom grant management tool had years of fixes and updates with little documentation. This resulted in a steep learning curve for new employees and grant applicants, and a high overhead cost to maintain the app.

As Meyer Memorial Trust grew to field more grant applications, they needed a flexible, scalable system with a clear path for all users. We designed and implemented user interfaces that guided potential grantees or internal staff from beginning to end.

Our collaboration with MMT was built upon simplification from the beginning. The end product is a more efficient grant management process for both applicants and admins. They can now adapt to community needs and adjust funding initiatives and programs accordingly.

In fact, Meyer Memorial Trust is preparing to give $17 million to groups creating a flourishing and equitable Oregon this spring. We're excited as Portland residents to see the result of their grants right here at home, and thrilled to continue our partnership going forward.

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A Redesign for the Future

1 Jun 2016

A Redesign for the Future

Our work with the Portland-based Meyer Memorial Trust (MMT) recently launched and the first applications to enter its new system are making their way to MMT this month! In this post, we wanted to share our process for building the grant management database, the lessons we learned, and the result of almost three years of working together with MMT.

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Congrats to Ada Developers Academy

4 Nov 2013

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