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A visit from Portland Homeless Family Solutions

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Our (new) good friends from the local non-profit, Portland Homeless Family Solutions stopped by for lunch today.

We recently chose their organization to donate funds to. In response, their Executive Director, Brandi Tuck, (accompanied by Mary Carmen Doyle) stopped by to say thank you. They gave us a great presentation on who they are, what they’re working on, the positive impact their making on the local community, etc. They also gave us some insight into how our contribution impacts (on a dollar level). Also, they brought some veggie and vegan pizzas for the team (nice touch!).

We have donated to a handful of organizations over the years, but I can’t recall a time when any of them went out of their way to say thanks to our entire team like this.

Thank you Brandi, Mary, and everyone else involved at Portland Homeless Family Solutions. We hope to continue contributing in the future to such well organized and friendly organizations.

If you’re looking to help make a difference to Portland’s homeless population, we encourage you to donate to them.

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