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Our first business card

14 Jan 2010

Our first business card

We started Planet Argon in 2002 and this was our first business card. The pyramid hasn’t been used in creative work since that era… perhaps it’s time to bring it back.


Gruber on The Tablet

10 Jan 2010

If you’re thinking The Tablet is just a big iPhone, or just Apple’s take on the e-reader, or just a media player, or just anything, I say you’re thinking too small — the equivalent of thinking that the iPhone was going to be just a click wheel iPod that made phone calls. I think The Tablet is nothing short of Apple’s reconception of personal computing.

John Gruber from Daring Fireball: The Tablet

Refreshing commentary on how our predictions about the new device from Apple are likely short-sighted.

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New Contiki global search results

2 Nov 2009

We’re currently working closely with our long-time clients, Contiki, on improving the user experience for their customers. Our design team recently deployed a new interface for their search results, which allows their customers to research, save, and compare trips that they’re evaluating for their dream vacation.

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Planet Argon Podcast Launched!

23 Oct 2009

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The 8-Hour Rails Code Audit

21 Oct 2009

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