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Creating Templates with Google Drive

13 Dec 2016

Creating Templates with Google Drive

Do you use Google Drive for your everyday documents and spreadsheets? Wish you could just have a template for those files (instead of opening an old file and creating a copy)? Well, now you can (again). Google recently announced they were bringing back team Google Drive templates. This post walks you through how to take advantage of that feature.

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Embrace the jargon

16 Mar 2015

Don't discourage jargon use in your domain. Embrace it. Teach it. Invent it. Help your users learn it and find chances to use it.

Kathy Sierra from Badass: Making Users Awesome

For years, I have been convincing myself that we need to speak in non-industry terms with our clients so that we don't alienate them. Now I am left wondering if we've just created a new problem.

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Portland: Opportunities and Challenges as an Evolving Tech Hub

13 Mar 2015

in general the report found that young and educated people are attracted to Portland because it’s a 'place where people come to live, recreate, and do business—differently.'

Skip Newberry, Technology Assoc. of Oregon from Evolving Portland’s Tech Economy: Livability and Stewardship Is Key

There isn't a week that goes by that I don't wonder if I would have been able to help build a company like Planet Argon in another city. There's something in the water here.

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