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Responsive Design for Brainstormr

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HeyBrainstormr is a simple tool for creating powerful brainstorms. We needed a tool for internal brainstorming and decided to share the idea with the world. Ask your question, share the URL & watch the ideas flow.

Brainstormr is a microsite that works well within the immediacy and simplicity of mobile web use, so we made it into a responsive design. This means that the design of the site will rearrange itself to best fit the screen size of your device. If you visit on a mobile phone or a tablet, Brainstormr will adjust to your expectations.

I started with a mobile design concept that matched a typical iPhone list style:

We felt that this took away from the story that the graphics are telling. Robby gave me a good explanation for how your ideas form in your brainstorm cloud and then fall into the ocean of ideas. After a few revisions, we settled back into the original site design as you would naturally expect it to appear on a smaller screen. Sometimes what you already have is best!

We hope you enjoy Brainstormr on your mobile devices. Stop by to start your own brainstorm and then share it with friends, colleagues, family, neighbors, anyone!


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