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Brainstormr 2.0: Introducing Themes!

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In December, we made it easier to use Brainstormr anywhere, creating a responsive design for your brain clouds on-the-go. This summer, we got a little creative, and a few weeks ago, we snuck out an update that puts a little more pizazz into your brainstorms with Brainstormr Themes!

If you recall, the idea behind Brainstormr was to create a simple tool for creating powerful brainstorms.

Starting with a good question, Brainstormrites (or is it, Brainstormrians?) can share the URL and collect lots of ideas—even crazy ones—and watch the ideas flow. You can ask anything you want, from “What food cart should I start?” to “What’s the best name for our product”. Sometimes the best ideas come out of spontaneous responses.

Once the question was asked from the Brainstormr cloud – the ideas poured down in the form of rain drops, creating a pool of ideas.

While it was fitting (brainstorm=cloud+rain), we wanted to give users a way to mix it up and make the Brainstormr unique to their question. Now when you ask the question, you also set the tone.

Is this more playful? Try the sharpie pen.

Want to reminisce about your days in 3rd grade? Load up the chalkboard (sans eraser cleaning duty!).

Recreate those spontaneous speed brainstorm session you’ve had and use sticky notes.

Or, if you’d rather use the classic brainstorm, that’s still there too.

Try it out yourself! Find which theme suits you best, add your question, and share with colleagues, friends, and family. You’ll never know what great (or maybe just funny) idea might come out of it.

And stay tuned as we’ll be rolling on incremental changes to Brainstormr to make it even better.

Have an idea for a killer Brainstormr theme? We’d love to hear your suggestions for themes you’d like to see. Send us an email with your idea or just comment below and we’ll work our magic.

Had a successful Brainstormr? Here at PA we’re constantly using Brainstormr for work AND fun; whether it’s to involve the whole team in gathering ideas for a project or whether it’s to keep a running list of things our poor colleague Carlos doesn’t like (winter and bridge raises to name a few). Did a good idea come out of your Brainstormr? What funny Brainstormr’s have you started? We’d love to hear your Brainstormr stories! Comment below with some of your successful (or silly) Brainstormrs. Or just tell us what you think!

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