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Evolution of the McMenamins Homepage

19 Jul 2013

For the past 30 years, McMenamins have established themselves as a strong regional influence with their signature food and drinks, music and events, culture, and historical locations. They are a household name, known for their brand’s unique character that brings good food, fun and entertainment for anyone who visits their locations across the Pacific Northwest. While McMenamins is constantly opening new establishments and expanding their influence in their community, Planet Argon saw that the McMenamins homepage needed an update to reflect that growth and the evolution of their brand. So, the PA team proposed a solution for the redesign of the homepage.

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Quote  |  Misc

Goodbye Doug

3 Jul 2013

If you attempt to make sense of Engelbart’s design by drawing correspondences to our present-day systems, you will miss the point, because our present-day systems do not embody Engelbart’s intent. Engelbart hated our present-day systems.

Bret Victor from A few words on Doug Engelbart

Doug, we'll miss you. Thank you for opening up our eyes.

Article  |  Misc

CreativeMornings June

28 Jun 2013

In my role as a Business Developer at Planet Argon, it’s important to keep connected to Portland’s creative and business community. One of the ways I attempt to gather local intelligence and randomly bump into interesting strangers from other companies, is to regularly attend several of the awesome networking type events around town. There are many to choose from, but this post will focus specifically on CreativeMornings.

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