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Why We Moved Our Site Off of Squarespace

21 Sep 2016

Why We Moved Our Site Off of Squarespace

Early this year, we launched a redesign of our website on Squarespace. After a few months, we had a handful of features we loved, but also a lot of roadblocks we were tired of maneuvering around. So we faced another decision, move off or add more development time into making it work. This story is about what we learned, and why we said goodbye to Squarespace.

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Blair Enns on the rise of the New Peer Groups

25 Feb 2016

What many veteran network members might find surprising is the event participants communicate with each other far more than do the members of the traditional networks who’ve known each other for years. And they share – boy do they share! They don’t feel the need to be locked into a long-term network arrangement to solicit and offer feedback. They help strangers and expect to be helped by strangers.

Blair Enns from The Changing Face of Agency Networks

As a member of the Owner Summit / Owner Camp network, I thought this was a fascinating read about the history of industry peer groups. At the moment, it's become one of my best tools in my toolbox.

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