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Back to School

26 Mar 2012

Back to School

Annie, Eric, and myself recently flew down to Mountain View, CA to meet with one of our new clients, TCI who is a K-12 education publishing company. While visiting, I couldn’t help taking a few photos of them in the studio classroom.

Stay tuned as we’ll have a lot to share about the work we’re doing with them.

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Bringing People Together: The Contiki Community

25 Jan 2012

A community needs a common passion or value, something that brings the members together. The Contiki Community is not about a passion for travel. It’s not about the product either. Much in the same way that you are not simply “buying a tour,” the Contiki Community is about the Contiki experience. It’s about the hunt for the perfect trip, the rush of making the decision and booking a trip, the buildup as you get closer to your departure, the letting go and immersing yourself in a new culture with new people, the high after you return where you can’t stop talking about what you saw and did, and the burning desire to do it again; or rather it’s about all the feelings you have as you go through the lifecycle of doing a Contiki.

Allison Beckwith, Planet Argon, on the design vision for the new community pages

What began as a vision between Contiki and the Planet Argon Team became a reality this week as we launched the new Contiki Community pages.

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Contiki's New Homepage Design

4 Nov 2011

Contiki is the worldwide leader in tours for 18-35’s. This summer, they asked us to update their homepage to be more relevant for their users. They wanted more interaction and to organize many quick bits of information for potential travelers. The presentation near the bottom and middle parts of the homepage felt unorganized, and we sensed it wasn’t working as an introduction to Contiki.

Contiki’s homepage needs to create interest in the tours, draw potential travelers deeper into the site, and sell the brand as the best option for holidays. We spent a lot of time planning on how to help Contiki make a great first impression. Not everyone who lands on the Contiki homepage knows what Contiki is and what they have to offer.

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Designing the RCX Trail Camera System website

27 Sep 2011

Leupold & Stevens has been designing, machining, and assembling precision optical instruments for a century. They recently expanded their hunting lineup with the addition of an RCX Trail Camera System to track animals for hunting.

The RCX Trail System comes with a remote camera that you can place anywhere and a controller/viewer that allows you to see what that remote camera sees. This system allows the user to find targets they wouldn’t normally be able to see from their position.

Leupold came to us to make a microsite for the launch of the RCX Trail Camera System. Leupold is a local company, and it’s always a pleasure collaborating with clients in person for a project. We went with a sales sheet model for how to present the product on the website. We felt Leupold’s potential RCX customers would want a simple explanation of the products, large photos to view, and full technical specifications for evaluating their purchase.

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Evolving Contiki's print brochure order forms

26 Sep 2011

Contiki is the worldwide leader in tours for 18-35’s and operates in over 40 countries around the world. For more than fifty years, Contiki has primarily relied on print brochures to allure and entice young adults to explore the globe. The printed brochures provide detailed and photographic overviews of the many available tours and benefits of going Contiki, however they do not provide the same flexibility and accessibility of an always up-to-date website.

Regardless, Contiki still has a large customer base that prefers to flip through a physical brochure just like many of us do with our annual Ikea catalog. While we cannot share the correlation between print brochures and purchasing decisions, there is still a significant percentage of customers that use the printed brochure to decide which product to purchase. So it was critical that we improve the user interaction to increase leads here.

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