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Evolving Contiki's print brochure order forms

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Contiki is the worldwide leader in tours for 18-35’s and operates in over 40 countries around the world. For more than fifty years, Contiki has primarily relied on print brochures to allure and entice young adults to explore the globe. The printed brochures provide detailed and photographic overviews of the many available tours and benefits of going Contiki, however they do not provide the same flexibility and accessibility of an always up-to-date website.

Contiki's Europe 2011/12 print brochure
Contiki’s Europe 2011/12 print brochure

Regardless, Contiki still has a large customer base that prefers to flip through a physical brochure just like many of us do with our annual Ikea catalog. While we cannot share the correlation between print brochures and purchasing decisions, there is still a significant percentage of customers that use the printed brochure to decide which product to purchase. So it was critical that we improve the user interaction to increase leads here.

Let’s first take a look at the old version of the brochures page.

The old brochures page
The old brochures page

The previous look was a holdover from years ago, so we refreshed the visual design to match the rest of the site. Links and calls to action are more clear, and we’re hoping that the structure of the page can be figured out at a glance. Headers are now their own color in an attempt to reduce confusion about which elements on the page are interactive.

Now, let’s see where we took this.

The new brochures page
The new brochures page

In addition to the new look, there are social media links at the top to promote sharing the brochures with your friends. We added icons so the page should be easier to scan for links. The “Request by mail” section was added to the right side instead of being behind links on a separate page.

Breaking It Down

Let’s discuss a few specific pieces.

Add to order

An “Add to order” link is next to each brochure’s thumbnail. Adding a brochure updates the “Request by mail” section by adding a check mark on chosen brochures. This gives instant feedback to the user and lets them choose multiple brochures without needing to wait for the page to update itself.

Read brochures online

Feel free to browse the online brochures in the way you want. View the brochure fullscreen or download the PDF to read it later.

Share brochures with friends

Be social and share Contiki’s brochures with your friends!

New order form on the side of the page
New order form on the side of the page.

The order form has been merged onto the main page rather than existing behind a link. Users can now request print brochures on the same page that they can view the brochures online. Previously, users would click a link and be taken out of brochure browsing entirely to decide on the print versions they’d like to receive. With this change, we’re expecting less user confusion since all of the interaction is on one page. Travelers can view a brochure online and, while on the same web page, easily order the print version to have at home.

The new View button draws attention to viewing the brochures online
The new “View” button draws attention to viewing the brochures online.

While we’re attempting to make ordering a print brochure easier than ever, Contiki recognized the flexibility and immediacy of being able to read the brochures on the website. We added a “View” button below each brochure thumbnail to emphasize online browsing over ordering print copies. The most prominent actions on the page are the View buttons, so we hope to see this feature grow in popularity over print orders.

We’re excited to offer flexibility to Contiki’s customers on how to can find the perfect tour. Whether it’s browsing the online brochures, ordering a print brochure, or just searching through the tour listings on the website, we’re hoping to help make everyone’s tour decision as easy as possible.

Let us know what you think! Perhaps you’re looking for a trip to go on soon, so why not order yourself a brochure or two?

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