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Planet Argon's Core Values

A collection of the values that we hold dear here at Planet Argon.

Article  |  Leadership

Article  |  Leadership

Proactive: A Planet Argon Core Value

4 Jan 2016


As a core value, we define proactive as actively seeking opportunities to improve our client’s products, our processes, and our abilities. What does that mean? And why is this important to us?

Article  |  Leadership

Article  |  Leadership

Versatile: Another Core Value

2 Feb 2016

We are versatile

Some time in the last year we decided that we needed to re-examine our existing core values. When we sat down to rethink this, versatility was already one of our core objectives. It’s one of our values that has stuck with us and has been relevant in our agency throughout the years.

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Our Most Delightful Core Value

1 Mar 2016

Our Most Delightful Core Value

When looking at our 'core values' you will see words like dependable, versatile and collaborative, words you might expect to see on an organization's value list. Let’s call these ‘The Usual Suspects’. Then, there is one word, in this list, that stands out a little. This particular word is delightful.

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