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Webvisions 2013 Post 1 - The Art of Explanation

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It had been about 6 or 7 years since I went to my last Webvisions Conference in Portland, so I was really excited to go this year since the web has evolved and really changed a lot since then. Planet Argon bought me a pass for Thursday and Friday, and I heard lots of great talks over the two days. Some were on The Agile and Lean UX Methods and working well with your team, some were on how to explain things better and how to develop a curiosity that will take you through your whole career. More technical talks were about things like video on the web, API’s, or building dynamic prototypes.

Among all these different topics and speakers, I had one consistency that helped me retain all the information better (and probably communicate it better to other people on the web too).
It was by taking what I have learned at the conference and sketch-noting the talks.

So what is sketch-noting?
Sketch-noting is taking notes from an idea, a talk, or a concept and representing them in a visual way. This method allows me to reinforce the idea and make it more memorable by thinking of it in a different way then just language, or note taking.
It also creates a series of notes that I enjoy coming back to and looking at because they are a lot more interesting then a page full of lines and lines of copy. And if you do it well, it should be something you can see and understand even from a short glance.

There were about ten talks I heard over the two days, so i narrowed it down and inked the notes from the ones I got the most benefit out of or found really interesting. I will be posting them separately as i finish going over them in ink so they can be scanned more easily.

The first one is The Art of Explanation: Because Design and Technology aren’t enough. This talk was by Lee LeFever

The Art of Explanation Page 1

The Art of Explanation Page 2

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