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Slick carousel is awesome and you should use it

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I’ve used a lot of different jQuery plugins without giving them much of a second thought after implementation. With slick carousel though, each time I come back and use it I’m a little more impressed each time. All the features I need are built right in, are intuitive, and work consistently.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you can define your mobile breakpoints for each carousel and then define a separate set of options for each breakpoint. That is killer!

Plus the events are really useful and reliable.

It’s a really well written plugin and I’ve used it from relatively simple carousels to a much more complicated project with Ember.js and I’m really happy with how it has performed.

Thanks Ken Wheeler for writing such an awesome plugin!

P.S. OwlCarousel is decent too, I’ve noticed it now has some of the features I like about slick.

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