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Ruby on Rails is Zen!

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Ruby on Rails is zen!


How to build a web application?” and “Is Ruby on Rails a good choice?” are common questions when there’s a need to chose a framework for either your business website or learning purpose.

When programming languages predate the first computer by a century and number in thousands, how do we point out what’s right for us? Ruby on Rails is gaining more and more popularity in the world of web dev for reasons rather impressive, so let’s look into it!

What’s Ruby on Rails in simple English?

Ruby on Rails - a fluent and mature open-source web app framework - was aimed at increase of programmer happiness, efficiency, and productivity.

What are main characteristics of Ruby on Rails?

Full-stack framework

General-purpose + Object-oriented

Dynamically typed

Active record pattern

Modular design

Integrated monitoring and testing tools

Active Record ORM

Strong community around + industry support

What are main advantages of Ruby on Rails?

Object Relational Mapping

Convention Over Configuration principle

Don’t Repeat Yourself principle

Model View Controller

Development platform is extremely automated

Routing system independent of the web server

High code quality

Increased developer productivity

Frequent updates

Concise thin books

Economical + Secure

Enjoyable + Stress-free

Marketable and in demand

What are benefits of Ruby on Rails?

Cost Effectiveness: Quick launch -> large time savings -> high speed of development

You save time while spending less money for uncompromised performance and fair amount of customization.

Flexibility: Modifications can be made quicker.

Simplicity: No need to build features from scratch! fewer lines of code -> positive ROI

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What sites were built on Rails?

Amazon, HP, Intel, Nasa, Hulu, BBC, Cisco, CNET, IBM, JP Morgan, NASA, and Yahoo!, Twitter, Scribd Groupon, Basecamp, Get Satisfaction, Luckie & Co, MTV Style, YellowPages, Basecamp, LivingSocial, SoundCloud, ZenDesk, Shopify, Urban Dictionary, SlideShare, etc!

When should I use Ruby on Rails?

Rails are especially useful for building cool web apps in social, mobile, and E-commerce, databases, contents, social networks, membership sites.

How do I Get Started with Ruby on Rails?


Rails are easy to install + clear stable syntax + countless resources that will help host your Rails app!

Screencasts, tutorials, and tips are to your help!

Have a project that needs help?