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Open sourcing the TechTown Portland Diversity Survey!

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Open sourcing the TechTown Portland Diversity Survey!

For the last couple months, Planet Argon has been working with TechTown Portland to create a web representation of their 2016 Diversity Survey.

Now with the launch of the TechTown Portland Diversity Survey results, we’ve decided to also open source our code that we built for the project, using Chartist.js as our charting library.

Our goals in open sourcing this project are: A) To share one approach to sharing diversity results with other communities and- B) To give you a glimpse into how we approach projects like this. If you need to quickly build a series of interactive charts, this might help you get there quicker.

We’ve gone through and documented some of the key points in our README in our GitHub repository. So if your curiosity strikes, take a peek here:

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