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Lead me to success not disappointment

Reading time: Less than a minute

I signed back into Visual Website Optimizer today so that I can experiment with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the warning message.

Despite the warning, I was able to click on “Create a New Test” and begin building one.

In fact, I got all the way through the building a test process and at the end it told me that I couldn’t save it because I hadn’t upgraded. So, I just invested 20 minutes of my time building a test that it wasn’t going to let me save at the end. Even if I had my credit card details ready to enter at the end, it didn’t retain anything that I had provided.

If they’re going to put this sort of barrier in place, I’d have preferred them to keep me from using the test builder once I clicked on “Create a New Test.” It’d have saved me 20 minutes. Additionally, I wouldn’t feel as frustrated with their service and disappointed in myself for not seeing the warning.

Even if you read their alert message, “Your trial period is over and hence you will not be able to create new tests.” … the link to create a new test is there and it feels like you can walk through the process just fine. The reality is… that you cane experiment with their test creation tool but you’ll not be able to save it. There’s a subtle difference there.

UPDATE: Because I prefer to share my thoughts with services when I blog about them.. they were nice enough to quickly respond to this problem and assured me that they’re improving the UX there. They also threw in some free credits to our newly paid account. :-)

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