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Jira Roundup: All of Our Jira Knowledge in One Spot

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Jira Roundup: All of Our Jira Knowledge in One Spot

Atlassian tools are massive in the software development industry. Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of words trying to summarize our work, strategy, and project efficiency while using Jira. Let’s dive into some of the big ones!

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In The Tools That Make Our Agency Tick: Jira Software article, we share reasons the team initially chose Jira, its cost, and some tips for communicating effectively in Jira.

My favorite part of this article is a good reminder about customized dashboards:

“This dashboard helps team members working with multiple clients see the bigger scope of what they’ll be working on in the near future. When clients' tickets are organized by priority and properly assigned to the right developer, this view helps increase productivity. The downtime between tasks trying to figure out what you should work on next is minimized.”

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Another helpful article is The Complete Guide to User Stories. It walks you through the definition of a user story, why it’s an effective way to communicate requirements, and how to put one into practice. User stories are essential to Jira's best practices, and any new user would benefit from learning how to read and write them well.

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Speaking of User Stories, here’s a thorough article on Writing Good Tickets. Investing the time to write your needs out thoroughly improves the team's efficiency, communication, and workflow. Beyond a User Story, what do you need to know? We’ve got you covered with all the details to get better results from your tickets.

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Is learning a new software program overwhelming? Yes, it can be! But don’t worry; you can make templates for large projects that require many user stories. This will save you a lot of time and headaches down the road, especially on routine tasks like monthly maintenance tickets or annual planning. One of the areas where templates and checklists show their worth is when you get to big project launches. There are so many factors to consider. Make a template for it, and then BAM! It’s done for next time.

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