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Contiki Personalized eBrochures

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Contiki is the worldwide leader in tours for 18-35’s and operates in over 40 countries around the world. For more than fifty years, Contiki has primarily relied on print brochures to allure and entice young adults to explore the globe. The printed tour brochures provide detailed and photographic overviews of the many available tours and benefits of going Contiki, however they do not provide the same flexibility and accessibility of an always up-to-date website.

Planet Argon was asked to help develop an eBrochure feature that empowered an interested traveler to create their own custom brochure, save it as a PDF, print it, or share it with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. For example, a soon to graduate student could build up a list of their dream tours print it out and leave it out for one of their parents to discover as a graduation gift hint. Sometimes a potential customer already has a solid idea of which tours they’re interested in, or may have a friend that needs an extra push to get them to commit to travel plans. Now, users can add tours to their personalized eBrochure as they wander around the Contiki site whether they have an account or not.

eBrochures are always saved for the user on the website, so you can continue to customize it as long as you’d like before making your own copy. When you’re ready, there’s a complete brochure full of photographs, highlights, detailed itineraries, frequently asked questions, and other information to help you feel confident in choosing the perfect tour for you.

Travel agents also benefit from this feature by creating a personalized eBrochure for their customers. The custom brochure is complete with a personalized message and free space for the travel agent’s business logo.


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