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Brainstormr Mobile for iPhone launched for your online collaboration needs

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Just over four years ago, we launched Brainstormr, a micro web application that allowed you to quickly start a collaborative space to host a brainstorm session.

We built it for people, like us, who tend to have a lot of brainstorming sessions and wish you could allow people in the same studio and/or across the internet to quickly toss ideas up onto the list. Our aim was to keep it as simple as possible to start something up. It was our gift to the internet. Free, no user accounts, entirely anonymous.

Back in 2011, we released a responsive version of the web application so that it’d render nicer on our mobile phones. Yet, we still found ourselves wishing for a few additional features:

  • Ability to track/follow topics I’ve created and/or participated in
  • Ability to collaborate with people who are using the Desktop, Mobile Web, and/or Mobile application in real-time
  • Ability to know when others had contributed to one of my followed Brainstorms since I last looked at the list of ideas
  • Ability to have local brainstorms (in private)
  • Ability to export the list of ideas to Evernote
  • Ability to Email the list of ideas to someone
  • Ability to print the ideas in a clean format… yes, we sometimes use the printer ;-)
  • …more that we’re not ready to share yet. ;-)

To accomplish this, we set out and designed an iPhone application for ourselves, which we named “Brainsrtormr Mobile.”

We juggle a number of client projects, but found a handful of gaps during the winter months to task our designers to outline a strategy for an initial version of the application. We then worked through the implementation, testing phases, and the hurdles of getting everything organised with Apple so that we can sell products through the App Store. To our surprise, the application got approved on the first pass through… which we’re quite happy about.

Brainstormr Mobile the App Store (link) late last week… our friends and family have already started using it. :-)

Today, I’d like to invite you to check out the shiny new Brainstormr Mobile, which we’re offering you for the nominal price of $2.99. We hope you find it as useful to collaborate with your friends and colleagues as we do.

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