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What are Common Traits of Maintainable Software?

A few months ago, we launched the Maintainable Software Podcast. On Maintainable, host Robby Russell discusses with guests how to overcome issues that are often associated with technical debt and legacy code. We have since released over 20 episodes of Maintainable and have heard from over 20 wonderful guests with unique perspectives.

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Fae CMS + Ruby on Rails: An Interview with James Kurczodyna

We speak with James Kurczodyna, a creator and maintainer of Fae CMS about how Fae uses Ruby on Rails, what inspired FINE to build Fae, how open sourcing has changed the tool, and much more.

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Upgrading Rails: Interview with Eileen Uchitelle

Robby speaks with Eileen Uchitelle, Senior Engineer at Github and member of the Rails core team. They discuss Eileen's process for upgrading Rails at Github from 3.2 to 5.2 from both a technical and organizational point of view.

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