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Contiki goes to South America

23 Jun 2011

Contiki asked Planet Argon to help introduce their new South America tours. This release was a big moment for Contiki, and they promoted it with a mysterious site countdown on their front page. Our team of designers worked closely with Contiki to deliver fresh and inspiring interaction to match up to the global anticipation for this new continent to tour.

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WebVisions 2011

1 Jun 2011

Allison, Brian, and I attended WebVisions in Portland, OR on May 26-27. It was a great event, and I appreciated that time limits for speakers were mostly set at 15-30 minutes. This made for a more energetic conference than most, and speakers needed to get to the point quickly or risk not getting time to make one at all.

I attended as many design related presentations as I could, and this year the talk in web design has shifted from visual design to emotional and interaction design. What makes a user return? What excites them? How can you guide them through your site? Having a pleasing visual design isn’t a big deal anymore, because now that’s just expected.

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Google Apps transition Help Center

22 Apr 2011

We recently received notification that our google apps account was transitioning to be more like a regular google email address. It contained this wonderful line:

“The Help Center also has answers to many common questions (note that you won’t be able to view the full Help Center until you’ve been transitioned).”

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Empathy is just a few words away

24 Aug 2010

I recently received a welcome packet in the mail from our overpriced health insurance provider, which encouraged me to head to their web site to setup my account. They assure me that it is going to change how I manage my health!

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