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Truth in Catvertising

14 Nov 2011

We’ve been thinking of hiring a catvertising company to help us with our new brand strategy in 2012.

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Start with a warning

1 Jun 2011

Start with a warning

While creating a new google group I was directed to the newly formed group page. I was pleasantly greeted by a warning and disclaimer that a feature that I have yet to use will be deprecated in a few months.

I wonder if it would have taken them much more time to add some logic to only display this if a) the group has used this functionality and b) it’s not a brand new group.

Additionally, if I click on the “Download Pages” link… my browser happily downloads a zip file, which contains an empty index.txt file.

…it’s unfortunate that they’re deprecating this useful functionality.

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Quality Assurance

25 May 2011

Quality Assurance

While wrapping up an iteration for a client, the team was caught testing out one of the new video chat features.

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