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Memory Lane - Server outages

6 Apr 2012

Memory Lane - Server outages

While I have fond memories of the days when we’d be getting several hosting orders each day for new customers, I don’t miss the days when servers would crash. We’re thankful to be able to partner with companies like Blue Box for most of our client hosting needs these days.

Days since I was last in a colo facility: 97. (when we pulled all of our remaining servers out of our cabinet on Dec. 31, 2011)

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Back to School

26 Mar 2012

Back to School

Annie, Eric, and myself recently flew down to Mountain View, CA to meet with one of our new clients, TCI who is a K-12 education publishing company. While visiting, I couldn’t help taking a few photos of them in the studio classroom.

Stay tuned as we’ll have a lot to share about the work we’re doing with them.

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Movember... in the PA Studio?

2 Nov 2011

Movember... in the PA Studio?

I’ve been trying to push Movember onto the gentlemen of Planet Argon, with no success. So in an attempt to persuade, I fashioned them with the most stylish mustaches, mustachios, and handlebars I could find. Not so bad, right?

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