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How We Communicate

6 Oct 2016

How We Communicate

Who you work with and talk to definitely matters because it will determine how successfully you will be able to communicate about project matters. It will determine how well you trust your agency with your idea, and in turn, how well they feel their expertise is appreciated and understood in the room. Any communication style can work successfully. We talk about which works best for us.

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How the f^%k does DNS work?

27 Sep 2016

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It's the small things...HipChat's HEX swatches

4 Mar 2014

Several months ago, our team left Campfire and entered HipChat for all internal conversations project, team, or cute kitten related. There are a few great things about using HipChat, but one of my favorite’s as a designer is this; adding a swatch of any HEX code. This feature not only provides my teammate with the code to add for a color, but also provides more context when we are collaborating. It’s a small thing, but sometimes, the small things just make life a little better.

What are the small things you like about the tools you use?

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