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The Complete Guide to Ruby on Rails Code Audits

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The Complete Guide to Ruby on Rails Code Audits

It can be difficult to gauge the health of your Ruby on Rails application. Often, legacy applications have been passed between multiple developers over the years – maybe it was created by a freelance Rails developer, passed to an agency at some point, and now is managed by an internal team member.

Along the way, documentation may have been pushed to the side, to-do notes have been added and forgotten, and best practices have been ignored due to time constraints.

So how do you figure out how secure and stable your application really is? A formal code audit can help you with just that.

Over the 10+ years we've been working with Ruby on Rails applications, we've audited dozens of apps. The reasons we're approached for these audits vary.

"I worked with a freelance developer to build this app who wasn't a great communicator. Can you take a look and see if it's actually stable before we launch?"

"Our developers want the time and budget to rewrite the app. Our stakeholders aren't interested in that. Does the app really need a rewrite?"

"We're looking to apply for VC funding on our new app. I need to know more about how it's built to share with potential investors."

We've put together a guide from our experience auditing Ruby on Rails applications that can help you learn more about code audits. This guide includes:

  • What a formal Rails code audit can do
  • How we do code audits at Planet Argon
  • How to know if you really need to invest in an audit
  • Eight first steps to take to gauge the health of your app

Simply fill out the short form below to download this free guide. You'll be one step closer to auditing your Rails application...or figuring out if you really need one in the first place!

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