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The Best Web Development Blogs for Writing Guest Posts

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The Best Web Development Blogs for Writing Guest Posts

There’s something to be said for the feeling of pride you get after making a contribution to the web development community. Whether it’s an improvement to a Ruby gem or documenting something you learn for the next person who needs it, it feels good to improve the knowledge and capabilities of your peers. After all, the community is a big part of what makes the programming world so great.

One excellent way to contribute to the community is by writing content about your web development journey – lessons you learn, tutorials, and reviews of tools you’ve tried and liked (or didn’t like).

And contributing your knowledge to the community through written content doesn't just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling that you made a difference, it can also help your career in the long run. Writing web development explainers builds your written communication skills. Even the greatest, fastest programmer in the world won't be as successful without that ability. And if you're writing on behalf of your company, writing guest posts can also help build your site's SEO and drive traffic.

Whether you're working with clients at a development agency or communicating with a marketing and sales team at a SaaS company, the ability to explain technical topics clearly is invaluable.

But writing content that no one will ever read can feel like a waste of time, and unless you’ve built a following online, that might be exactly what happens. To amplify your knowledge, build your online presence, and do the most good in the web dev community, your best bet is to partner up with an existing blog for a guest post.

We did the legwork for you and rounded up the best blogs out there that publish guest-written web development content.

freeCodeCamp (Medium)

Content topics: Coding career tips, programming how-tos in any language/framework, real-world stories from the development world (like Robby’s experience building Oh My Zsh).

freeCodeCamp is Medium’s largest technical publication, with over 1,000 stories averaging 23,000 views each. They’re an open source community, so you’ll still own any content you create for them, and it will always be displayed free of charge. And writing for freeCodeCamp means you’re helping others learn to code for free – what’s better than that?

They not only make it easy to submit your content, they give extensive details on how to write and format your article for the best chance of being published.

Content topics: Tutorials, “How to build X with X”, JavaScript, API development, Ruby, HTML5 and web design

They have a large community of over 1 million visitors a month, so writing for Scotch is a great way to get your content out to a wide audience. But writing for this site isn’t a cakewalk by any means. Their content is so valuable because it’s written by the best. They accept ~10% of all the writers than apply. Like your chances? Read the full guidelines and apply to write for Scotch here. web development blog

Envato Tuts+ tutorials

Content topics: Any specific programming or design task, explained clearly from start to finish

Envato Tuts+ is a thorough collection of courses, ebooks, and tutorials on the wide world of web development and design. While contributing to their courses is a longer-term commitment, their tutorials seek to help readers accomplish an outcome in a single setting. If you’ve recently learned how to accomplish a specific programming task or are well-versed in a certain topic, this is a great site to publish and share your knowledge through a written article or screencast.

You can apply to create a tutorial with some basic information, but it does help to have a specific topic in mind when you apply.

CSS Tricks

Content topics: Thorough front-end development tutorials, processes, or anything from their articles they’d love to commission list

If you’re a front-end development wizard with a lot of knowledge to share on JavaScript or CSS, CSS Tricks is a great place to contribute. And contrary to a lot of other guest posting opportunities out there, CSS Tricks pays. As long as you’re writing a non-promotional post, you’ll be compensated for your work at an agreed upon rate that varies based on the content.

Contact CSS Tricks to start the conversation.

Hacker Noon (Medium)

Content topics: Fewer tutorials and more content around the business of new technology, management, and software

HackerNoon describes themselves as "how hackers start their afternoons". A quick browse through their publication will tell you about the basics of bitcoin, review new technology, and give you tips on how to be a better manager or team member.

You can pitch your article to HackerNoon through an online form.

New Relic Blog

Content topics: Software best practices, new technology, app monitoring, and (of course) any connections/integrations with New Relic

New Relic’s blog doesn’t just focus on their application performance monitoring product and new releases. They write about various tech topics, modern software solutions, and “nerd life” (think gift guides and new tech tools) – and they’re open to guest contributions on those topics.

To pitch your article, email New Relic at with a description of your article. (Medium)

Content topics: JavaScript, Rails, Django, Python...essentially any tutorial or analysis of any modern language and framework is a Medium publication filled with web development tutorials and articles written by developers all over the world. Like freeCodeCamp, above, also gives a thorough explanation on submitting an article.

Once you’ve published a piece on Medium that you think is a good fit, you can email with a link. web development blog

These seven websites are just a sample of the thousands of websites publishing web development content. While it's easy to find sites writing about programming, it's harder to find sites consistently putting out valuable content. If you edit, write for, or know of a web development blog that accepts guest contributions, leave a comment below with a link. We'd love to add it to this list!

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