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The 2018 Ruby on Rails Survey

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The 2018 Ruby on Rails Survey

For the last decade, we've surveyed the Ruby on Rails community every two years to get a pulse on how our peers are interacting with this framework. We just launched our 2018 Ruby on Rails survey and would love if you took five minutes to complete the questions and share with your peers!

Take the 2018 Ruby on Rails survey

With each iteration of our Ruby on Rails community survey, we add a few new questions that may be more relevant or insightful than what we asked in previous surveys. But since our first survey in 2009, there have been a handful of questions we’ve repeated with each iteration that allow us to track trends over time.

For example, we’ve seen a maturing population of developers working with Ruby on Rails – in 2016, 38% of respondents who completed the survey had been programming with Rails for at least seven years.

In 2009, 66% of respondents had self-hosted source code repositories and just 32% were using Github. As you can imagine, that changed a bit over seven years to more than half of respondents (53%) hosting their source code on Github.

We’re excited to see how long-term stats like these will change even more in 2018. For more information, you can also read about what we learned back in 2016 after our last survey.

It takes just a few minutes to fill out the 2018 Ruby on Rails survey. If you’re a developer working in Ruby on Rails, we’d love if you took the time to complete the survey and share with your peers. We’re hoping to make this our biggest Rails community survey yet.

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