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Robby Interviewed on The Managers Club

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Robby Interviewed on The Managers Club

As Vidal Graupera, the creator of The Managers Club, knows – tech team management can be a lonely place. It's difficult to know when you're doing a great job or when you're falling short. And the more you get to know others in similar roles as you, you'll learn that the issues you're facing aren't necessarily unique to your organization.

Robby answered a few questions from Vidal on the lessons he's learned from working in the VP of Engineering and Managing Partner role here at Planet Argon. In this interview, you'll learn how Robby got into this role (it involved a stint selling stickers), his advice to managers just starting out in this field, and the habits and books that have contributed to his success.

This series on The Managers Club will continue featuring interviews with leaders in tech from a wide range of backgrounds. If you've recently stepped into a management role, or you hope to in the future, these pieces will be helpful along that path.

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