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Rails Boxcar acquired by Blue Box Group

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Earlier this week, our team accepted a proposal from Blue Box Group, a Ruby on Rails hosting company based out of Tacoma, Washington. With this partnership, Blue Box Group has acquired our hosting product, Rails Boxcar. For more information about the acquisition, read the joint press release.

We see the sale of the Rails Boxcar service as a strategic decision, which allows us to focus all of our attention on design and development projects.

We are working with all of our existing hosting customers to make this a smooth transition and will share more details over the coming days/weeks.

If you’re looking for a reliable hosting provider, we highly recommend Blue Box.

Whether you are hosting a project internally, considering Blue Box, using Heroku, Engine Yard, or another provider, if you need deployment consulting we can help you plan and execute a winning strategy!

Rails Code Audit Service Our extensive experience working with Ruby on Rails has provided us with the opportunity to review many applications developed by other firms and contractors. Some of these have been designed and developed to near perfection, though many, unfortunately, have suffered from bad design and/or implementation. The result of these common mistakes is increased costs for the project stakeholders, both financially and in time to market. To help businesses discover these problems earlier, we have designed a process for auditing and analyzing Rails applications, assisting the project team at different intervals in the project lifecycle.


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