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Our Employment Policy on Marijuana

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Dear Employees of Planet Argon,

Last year, Oregon voters approved Measure 91[1], an act that would legalize the recreational usage of marijuana across the state.

As of July 1, 2015, it is now legal to privately consume recreational marijuana in Oregon.

However, Oregon businesses still have the legal right to terminate employment if the consumption of marijuana (recreational and/or medicinal) violates their company policies[2][3].

Given the muddy legal aspects here, we wanted to go on the record and make it clear to all current and future employees.

  1. In the scenario that you’re applying for a position at Planet Argon…if knowledge of your recreational and/or medicinal consumption of marijuana is discovered, Planet Argon will not treat this any differently than if we had learned that you consumed alcohol. (meaning… we don’t care.)

  2. Planet Argon will never terminate your employment based on evidence that you privately consumed recreational and/or medicinal marijuana during your tenure.

  3. Planet Argon will honor Oregon’s carry limit and not terminate your employment if you are in legal possession of marijuana on company property.

In short, we will not treat marijuana consumption any differently than alcohol consumption.

What you do in your personal time…is your business.

Simplifying lives through digital technology…is ours.

Let’s get back to work.


Robby Russell

Managing Partner

Planet Argon, LLC

[1] Oregon Ballot Measure 91

[2] Recreational Marijuana FAQ

[3] Recreational pot and the workplace: Q&A on Oregon’s new marijuana law

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