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Jquery Selections via Regular Expression

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Jquery Selections via Regular Expression

There are many convenient ways to target elements with jQuery selectors. Class and ID references are often suitable for the majority of use cases. Lets take a look at a simple alternative for something a bit more flexible.

JQuery's .filter() method is an often overlooked method that has proven handy when targeting elements whose selectors match a common pattern, as opposed to selecting them directly with a "." (class) or "#" (id) selector.

Recently we were looking for a way to target any images that we had uploaded to our site via the Square Space CMS. We identified a commonality across the qualifying elements. In this case they all had class names matching the following pattern 'featured_image', 'testimonial_image', etc. .

So we target the string '__image' with our regular expression.

// build our desired collection.
// matches both $('img.featured-testimonial__image') & $('img.featured-work__image')
const matches = $('img').filter(function() {
                  return this.className.match(/__image/);

// Do something to collection
$.each(matches, function(i, item) { 
  $item = $(item);
  src = $item.attr('src');
  $item.attr('src', src.replace('http://', '//'));

Just like that we have a script that will adapt to any image that follows the same pattern without any additional maintenance from us.

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