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Javelin Security Launches

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At a time when cyber attacks are on the rise and new techniques continuously emerge in the hacker community, the team at Trail of Bits knew that companies could make smarter decisions if armed with the right information. Enter Javelin, a first of its kind computer security service that simulates real-world attacks on a company’s security infrastructure, designed to reveal the weaknesses and provide the tools to strengthen it.

Javelin is a highly automated, low touch, easy-to-use application that shows how modern attackers would approach and exploit an enterprise. Through a series of tests, Javelin will identify employees that are most likely to be targets of spearphishing campaigns, highlight weaknesses in security infrastructure, and compare overall vulnerability against industry competitors. At the end of each test, Javelin provides customized recommendations to improve security and accelerate threat detection.

“Phishing works,” said Dan Guido, one of Trail of Bit’s founders. “While companies train employees to recognize these scams, attackers are constantly refining their tactics. Until now, companies could not see their security vulnerabilities from a hacker’s perspective, nor assess the full impact of a realistic attack in real time.”


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