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Contiki goes to South America

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Contiki now travels to South America!

Contiki asked Planet Argon to help introduce their new South America tours. This release was a big moment for Contiki, and they promoted it with a mysterious site countdown on their front page. Our team of designers worked closely with Contiki to deliver fresh and inspiring interaction to match up to the global anticipation for this new continent to tour.

We designed a guided navigation to give users the freedom to explore the region’s details and beautiful photography. The pages are in numerical order, however users can explore in any order they desire. Each page aims to answer questions about South America, such as the benefits of traveling with Contiki, the culture of the region, and suggestions for what to do with free time on tour.

Page copy was kept light and eye-catching. We highlighted the many reasons why you should choose Contiki to take you to South America without getting too in-depth and overwhelming the user. Contiki provided great photos, and it was an easy decision to proudly display them on every page. Users can click on any photo to enlarge it and get a better view of South America without being taken away from the page they’re currently on. A call-out for asking questions to Contiki was included in the top right of every page so any specific questions could be answered.

The View Our Tours page at the end of the guided navigation lets the user make a decision on where they’d like to go. There is a link to a full brochure for download, and a FAQ is provided in case the user has more questions about their upcoming tour.

We also created a companion “campaign landing page” with quick bursts of information, photography, and a promotional spot for “Pin Me If You Can,” a game where Contiki users could win a free trip to South America by guessing the locations shown in travel videos.


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