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5 New Ruby on Rails How-To Articles to Read on Medium

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5 New Ruby on Rails How-To Articles to Read on Medium

Medium has provided an excellent platform for Rails developers to create content that gives back to the peer community. You can find hundreds of useful tutorials and opinions about programming with Ruby on Rails.

Here’s a roundup of five of the best how-to Rails articles we found on Medium this week.

1. How to Refactor Big Rails Projects

A big list of helpful information on how to improve a large Rails application, broken down into model, view, controllerfollowed by a useful cheat sheet.

2. How I Deployed a Rails Backend API and React Frontend on Heroku

This article is a handy basic guide to deploying on Heroku, broken down into frontend and backend. As React.js with a Rails Backend API becomes more popular, knowledge of how this system works is more valuable than ever.

3. Mimicking the ‘devise_for’ Devise routes helper

This article will (quickly) show you how to mount a path outside your Rails Engine’s namespace.

4. How to Build a Booking System with Ruby on Rails: Part 1

Learn how to create a booking system in Rails from the ground up. While you may not need to ever build this exact type of system, there are helpful pieces that may apply to your projects now or in the future.

5. CanCanCan that Scales

Is it possible to use CanCanCan as your Rails app grows? Yes! Here’s a breakdown of how to use CanCanCan while scaling your application.

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