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2017 Year in Review

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2017 Year in Review

2017 is coming to a close, and it’s time to reflect on the previous year with our annual year in review. In previous years, we’ve used this yearly page to poke fun at web design from 20 years ago, highlight our favorite non-profits, and more.

But this year, we interpreted our year in review a bit more literally.

What did we accomplish this year? We successfully implemented an internship partnership with Epicodus, working with four excellent Ruby on Rails interns in 2017. We took what we learned from our diversity initiatives and commitments and applied it to our hiring process for new team members.

What new partnerships did we begin? We kicked off the new year by partnering with Play Flag Football, a California youth football league. In the spring, Story & Heart, a video licensing platform, and Productions Plus, an automotive talent management shop, also signed on for new projects. Mid-Fall, we began a new partnership with Aloha, a plant-based protein and nutrition company.

What projects did we launch? For the second year, we created a page visually interpreting the data found in TechTown PDX's annual diversity survey. We launched a major time-saving insurance workflow tool for Pac Global. In between, we redesigned, rebuilt, and updated Rails apps for all of our clients.

What fun and memorable moments did we have together? We went curling. We went roller skating. We danced the hokey pokey while roller skating. We had a vegan Thanksgiving lunch. We celebrated a holiday we made up: #NationalCheeseAwarenessDay (Thanks, Gary.)

Where did we volunteer our time? We volunteered this autumn for the second time with Friends of Trees, a local non-profit, to plant trees throughout Northeast Portland. We assisted ChickTech PDX in their annual STEM workshops for high school girls. Our office space in North Portland is also excellent for hosting groups, which allowed us to partner up with PDX Women in Tech and PDX Digital PM for informative panels and discussions throughout the year on working in tech.

Our 2017 Year in Review is a timeline of events for this year showing just that.

We hope you enjoy taking a scroll down memory lane with us and reflecting on 2017.

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