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Overcoming 5 Obstacles for Health Care Providers

23 May 2016

Overcoming 5 Obstacles for Health Care Providers

Unfortunately for America’s health care system, things haven’t been simple for a while. Providers face issues that cost time and money; consequently, the general population is adversely affected. Here are some (of many) obstacles that medical professionals confront regularly and ways we as designers and developers can help.

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Video Testimonial: Oregonian / OregonLive

31 Mar 2016

Steve Suo and Grant Butler from the Oregonian/OregonLive share their experience of working with our team and the results of our redesigned Recipe Box; from a more inspiring and searchable application, to an increase in traffic, to simultaneously freeing up their staff time to focus on the content they serve to customers.

Article  |  UX

5 Helpful Design Process Steps to Improve Your Healthcare App

2 Mar 2016

5 Helpful Design Process Steps to Improve Your Healthcare App

Although there are regulations and complicated processes to contend with, is designing useful health care apps so different from designing other types of applications? Other industries, services, and companies are increasingly embracing technology and improving user experiences every day. And yet the management of our health and wellbeing seems to be quite far behind.

Is it such a unique field that we can’t apply any of our design expertise? I don’t believe so, and here’s why...

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4 Ways To Get To Know Your Clients

8 Feb 2016


Don't forget the the middle-man in between you and the user. You know, the company behind the product? AKA your client? Their organization? To build a successful product, it’s just as important to get to know them for a lot of reasons.

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C'mon...It's 2016!

12 Jan 2016

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