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Articles by Annie Cocchia

Article  |  Leadership

Hello, Curious – Our New Core Value

17 Apr 2017

Hello, Curious – Our New Core Value

Our core values drive every decision we make as a company – like who we hire and what projects we take on. Recently, we made a change to our core values to reflect our beliefs. Here's what we changed, and how we're implementing it in our day to day work.

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Link  |  UX

What Might We Expect in 2017

4 Jan 2017

Article  |  Misc

Creating Templates with Google Drive

13 Dec 2016

Creating Templates with Google Drive

Do you use Google Drive for your everyday documents and spreadsheets? Wish you could just have a template for those files (instead of opening an old file and creating a copy)? Well, now you can (again). Google recently announced they were bringing back team Google Drive templates. This post walks you through how to take advantage of that feature.

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