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Article  |  UX

5 Helpful Design Process Steps to Improve Your Healthcare App

2 Mar 2016

5 Helpful Design Process Steps to Improve Your Healthcare App

Although there are regulations and complicated processes to contend with, is designing useful health care apps so different from designing other types of applications? Other industries, services, and companies are increasingly embracing technology and improving user experiences every day. And yet the management of our health and wellbeing seems to be quite far behind.

Is it such a unique field that we can’t apply any of our design expertise? I don’t believe so, and here’s why...

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Blair Enns on the rise of the New Peer Groups

25 Feb 2016

What many veteran network members might find surprising is the event participants communicate with each other far more than do the members of the traditional networks who’ve known each other for years. And they share – boy do they share! They don’t feel the need to be locked into a long-term network arrangement to solicit and offer feedback. They help strangers and expect to be helped by strangers.

Blair Enns from The Changing Face of Agency Networks

As a member of the Owner Summit / Owner Camp network, I thought this was a fascinating read about the history of industry peer groups. At the moment, it's become one of my best tools in my toolbox.

Article  |  Development

Debugging HTTP Requests with Sinatra

23 Feb 2016

Debugging HTTP Requests with Sinatra

Recently I was working on a task where I was attempting to connect to a third party API (from a Rails app using the HTTParty gem). The API had a fairly complicated authorization header that needed to be built, by concatenating the body of the request itself along with various authorization headers, then being hashed, and then being base64 encoded and escaped. If the header was improperly formed, all I saw was a 403 Forbidden response - not particularly helpful for debugging.

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Link  |  Development

A Reflection on "The Rails Doctrine"

8 Feb 2016

Article  |  Strategy

4 Ways To Get To Know Your Clients

8 Feb 2016


Don't forget the the middle-man in between you and the user. You know, the company behind the product? AKA your client? Their organization? To build a successful product, it’s just as important to get to know them for a lot of reasons.

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Article  |  Leadership

Versatile: Another Core Value

2 Feb 2016

We are versatile

Some time in the last year we decided that we needed to re-examine our existing core values. When we sat down to rethink this, versatility was already one of our core objectives. It’s one of our values that has stuck with us and has been relevant in our agency throughout the years.

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C'mon...It's 2016!

12 Jan 2016

Link  |  Studio

Reflection on the Past and a Look to the Future

22 Dec 2015

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