CKEditor and Word Counts

4 Mar 2014

In a project we’re currently working on, we created a form builder that could publish complex forms that include features such as:

  • Logic that can be applied to different fields, sections and pages
  • Configurable validations
  • Word counts by field, section or complete form
  • Option to allow some textareas to have WYSIWYG content

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It's the small things...HipChat's HEX swatches

4 Mar 2014

Several months ago, our team left Campfire and entered HipChat for all internal conversations project, team, or cute kitten related. There are a few great things about using HipChat, but one of my favorite’s as a designer is this; adding a swatch of any HEX code. This feature not only provides my teammate with the code to add for a color, but also provides more context when we are collaborating. It’s a small thing, but sometimes, the small things just make life a little better.

What are the small things you like about the tools you use?

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Robby Russell is not just the chief evangelist at Planet Argon...

3 Mar 2014

Don't Push Me (yet)

3 Mar 2014

The Weekly Orbit

28 Feb 2014

Topics discussed in the chat room this week

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Fresh URL - Rid the internet the scourge of the tracking code

27 Feb 2014

Lessons from Planet Argon Junior Developers

27 Feb 2014

Planet Argon hired two Epicodus graduates as junior Ruby on Rails developers: Abby Ihrig and Ana Tighe. I took some time to sit down with them and see how things are going so far. It was great talking to them about their experiences starting as junior developers here. We touched on some interesting points, including company culture, favorite apps, music, and some insights for people interested in development.

Abby Ihrig and Ana Tighe

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Future Talk with Sandi Metz

27 Feb 2014

Sandi Metz explained her 5 rules (and why they matter) at Future Talk at New Relic on Monday the 24th.

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Javelin security product hits the market

24 Feb 2014

Easy search and filtering in Rails

21 Feb 2014

Justin Weiss posted a great article on how you can add quick and easy filtering for Rails models without bloating your controllers or models beyond adding scopes here

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Jason Fried on The Talk Show

21 Feb 2014

Sourcegraph ditches AngularJS

18 Feb 2014

Tips for prospective Juniors

13 Feb 2014

Entering the field as a Junior Developer can be intimidating. Here are a couple of experiences I found important in my preparation to making the transition into full time development.

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On App Notifications

4 Feb 2014

This is why facebook stopped emailing copies of notifications to people’s inboxes by default: they learned that emailing people less about what’s happening in the app actually keeps them coming back more.

holympus from Notifications are a UX Anti-Pattern

How Much Does a Custom Web Application Cost to Build?

1 Feb 2014

As one of the team members at Planet Argon who handles incoming requests for project opportunities, I’m often fielded the question, “what does a typical web application cost?” Like a good software engineer, my response is, “it depends.”

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Hello Ruby

28 Jan 2014

The Pros and Cons of Modular Sass

7 Jan 2014

In the past year or so, the front-end developers at Planet Argon have taken more of a modular approach to writing CSS. This means writing CSS in a way that promotes forward-thinking, scalability, and ease of development. Before I get into the pros and cons, here’s a quick example of the difference between a modular and non-modular approach.

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oh-my-zsh t-shirts now available

13 Dec 2013

oh-my-zsh t-shirts now available

If you’re a fan of my open source project, oh-my-zsh, we have t-shirts available in the online store. Enjoy!

Get ’em now!

The UK Government discusses technical debt

10 Dec 2013

Obama encourages you to learn to code

9 Dec 2013

Just do it. The leader of the free world said so.


14 Nov 2013

Epicodus - What are the Students Saying? Part 3

11 Nov 2013

Today I’m concluding the series of interviews with Epicodus students! I got the chance to talk to Mac Eisenberg who is a native to Brooklyn, NYC. He came out to Portland from New York and is loving it.

Mac Eisenberg -left- and some of his fellow Epicodus students on a hike to Mount Hood

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Epicodus - What are the Students Saying? Part 2

8 Nov 2013

Welcome to round two of interviews with Epicodus students! Today we’ll talk with Hunter Meyer, a developer from Orlando, FL who loves Ruby on Rails.

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Epicodus - What are the Students Saying? Part 1

6 Nov 2013

Throughout this week I’ll be posting my interviews with three students from local code school, Epicodus. They’ll talk about their experiences with the program and how they have been growing as web developers in the past few months.

With the emergence of of code schools in recent years, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Which ones should we be paying attention to as potential employers or students? I wanted to delve a little deeper and take a look at how current students felt about the program.

Today we hear from Braden O’Guinn and his experience with Epicodus.

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Three Quick Tips to a Better You (or me)

5 Nov 2013

A few tips off the top of my head

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