Badass Users Book Trailer

16 Mar 2015

Badass Users Book Trailer from Seriouspony on Vimeo.

Kathy Sierra put together her own book trailer using stock videos.

Embrace the jargon

16 Mar 2015

Don't discourage jargon use in your domain. Embrace it. Teach it. Invent it. Help your users learn it and find chances to use it.

Kathy Sierra from Badass: Making Users Awesome

For years, I have been convincing myself that we need to speak in non-industry terms with our clients so that we don't alienate them. Now I am left wondering if we've just created a new problem.

Portland: Opportunities and Challenges as an Evolving Tech Hub

13 Mar 2015

in general the report found that young and educated people are attracted to Portland because it’s a 'place where people come to live, recreate, and do business—differently.'

Skip Newberry, Technology Assoc. of Oregon from Evolving Portland’s Tech Economy: Livability and Stewardship Is Key

There isn't a week that goes by that I don't wonder if I would have been able to help build a company like Planet Argon in another city. There's something in the water here.

Before Dawn: Don’t fear the Sunrise

5 Feb 2015

A short story about how a seemingly harmless blog post by the folks at 37signals may have impacted the future of Planet Argon…or maybe it didn’t.

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The Official Planet Argon List o' Favorites 2014

27 Jan 2015

Yoga on Planet Argon

22 Jan 2015

Anyone who has used a computer keyboard as their primary tool of the trade knows the aches and pains that come with it; the achey wrists, tight forearms, stiff shoulders, maybe even some lower back pain from sitting in that “ergonomic” desk chair. Or perhaps you are more familiar with the 3pm slump? The time of day when you begin to start looking for a cookie or search for a comfy spot to take a nap.

At Planet Argon, we’re no strangers to these aches, pains and nap-attacks. That’s why we’ve started combatting it with yoga twice a week. In the afternoons, we stand up and spend about 20 minutes creating space in our joints and between our bones, stretching our muscles and breathing deeply. Every one of us has different aches, different levels of flexibility and varying experience with yoga but we all benefit from the simple action of getting up and moving around.

Some of our regular moves include:

These are some simple moves that, done with regularity, can heal and even prevent those pains and give a jolt of energy without grabbing a cookie or a quick slumber. We can do all of these without a yoga mat and it doesn’t even require you to wear stretchy pants (though you can if you want, we won’t judge).

Watch this short documentary about Aaron Draplin in his element

22 Dec 2014

Earlier this year, I had the good fortune of seeing Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. speak at TEDxPortland. This short documentary series that Vans put together captures him in his element. Totally worth your time to watch these.

Happy Holidays, New Relic!

18 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays, New Relic!

Our partners at New Relic sent us some new shirts. Thanks!

Happy Holidays, Engine Yard!

16 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays, Engine Yard!

Our friends at Engine Yard sent us a box of goodies. Happy Holidays!

Around we go

24 Oct 2014

Around we go

Am convinced that an ideal team size is one that can still fit together on a park carousel.

How are vinyl records pressed?

25 Aug 2014

Colby Aley, another talented 17 year old engineering intern in high school.

21 Aug 2014

The Retrospective Trifecta

19 Aug 2014

The Retrospective Trifecta

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The Results of the 2014 Rails Hosting Survey are in!

31 Jul 2014

We are proud to announce that we have released the results for the 2014 Ruby on Rails Hosting Survey! This year was an interesting challenge for us because we decided to display the results from previous years along with this year’s data.

How did we do that, you may ask? Charts! If a question was asked in a previous year, the viewer may switch the active color of the chart to highlight the data for that specific year. Neat-o!

We’ve made comments about what has changed throughout the years, but we want you to play around with the data and compare.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

Take a look at the Ruby on Rails Hosting Survey 2014.

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An Incremental Migration from Rails Monolithic to Microservices

23 Jun 2014

Using Named Scopes Across Models with ActiveRecord#Merge

23 May 2014

AlphaClone Making the Cover

12 May 2014

AlphaClone Making the Cover

When looking for an "expert" on things like stocks and investing, it's no surprise that Barron's, America's premier financial magazine, would turn to our partner at AlphaClone, Mazin Jadallah, for some advice (we would too!). Lookin' good Maz!

Video Testimonial: Oregon Coast Aquarium

1 May 2014

One of our wonderful clients, Marsh Myers, from Oregon Coast Aquarium shares his experience of working with Planet Argon on their Science education platform for Oregon high school students.

Video Testimonial: McMenamins

22 Apr 2014

Learn why Jon Sokol of McMenamins, Inc. continues to partner with Planet Argon to take on the long-term maintenance and evolution of McMenamins’ web presence.

Video Testimonial: Open City Freight

21 Apr 2014

Learn why Robert McGinnis of Open City Freight partners with Planet Argon.

The Weekly Orbit - April 14-18

18 Apr 2014

Topics discussed in the chat room this week

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8 Insanely Useful ActiveAdmin Customizations

14 Apr 2014

Getting a Grasp on Scope in Javascript

11 Apr 2014

Easily add canonical URLs to your Rails app

4 Apr 2014

There has been a lot of talk lately about canonical URLs and how Google and other search engines would really prefer if you would use them. So, what is a canonical URL and why should you use them?

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On being "agile"

4 Apr 2014