Article  |  Development

8 Useful Ruby on Rails Gems We Couldn't Live Without

The open source community is what makes Ruby on Rails such a powerful platform. Our developers handpicked eight of our favorite Rails Gems, from authorization to chart creators. Check them out!

Article  |  UX

Getting Great Clients: More than Just Luck?

The best clients are the ones that trust our expertise and seek our input on ideas, but aren’t afraid to poke holes when needed. They collaborate on ideas without pushing their needs over those of their users. They also make time when needed. But I’d argue luck has nothing to do with having a great client. Rather, it’s how you enable them to be great. And as a designer, that’s an imp...

Article  |  Work

Designing for Energy and Positivity: Wheel House

When our friends at Wheel House approached us, they had a site that worked, but wasn’t what they had envisioned. It got the job done, but it lacked the positive experience they provided in the studio and the functionality they needed for their customers. This post describes the challenges at hand, and the opportunities and solutions we found when redesigning www.wh...

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