Article  |  Development

The State of Testing - A Front-end Perspective

We have reached a point where there are too many devices and browsers in existence to realistically test for all of them. Under typical constraints, we can only go so far to make sure that everything is compatible for every browser and device on the planet.

Article  |  UX

Portland Home Buying: A UX Perspective on Listings

For those who are in the process of buying a house, receiving your region’s multiple listing service (RMLS) via email is a common way of getting real time updates on houses that match your criteria. This post examines some of the issues I’ve experienced first hand using this information, and some solutions that might make the experience a little more enjoyable.

Article  |  Work

A Redesign for the Future

Our work with the Portland-based Meyer Memorial Trust (MMT) recently launched and the first applications to enter its new system are making their way to MMT this month! In this post, we wanted to share our process for building the grant management database, the lessons we learned, and the result of almost three years of working to...

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