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Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Code

The blank canvas is not my friend.

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Which Festival Does UX Best?

When summertime comes, it’s a chance to get outside – barbecues, picnics, swimming, hiking, camping. And for many, it also means summer music festivals. Festivals of all genres and interests are organized every year around the world and are inseparable from the technology that makes it all happen. And it’s not just the technology that appears at the festival (like jumbo screens and hologram...

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Designing for Energy and Positivity: Wheel House

When our friends at Wheel House approached us, they had a site that worked, but wasn’t what they had envisioned. It got the job done, but it lacked the positive experience they provided in the studio and the functionality they needed for their customers. This post describes the challenges at hand, and the opportunities and solutions we found when redesigning www.wh...

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